We’ve had Neville and Ken, Glenn and Donald, Graeme and Lawrence, Roy and John (quite a few of both!) and, of course, a long list of Peters and Richards. But isn’t it time a few more women took their place on the Gold Medal stage?

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Fun fact: Did you know that we’ve had more Peters win the Australian Institute of Architects Gold Medal than women? More Richards … More Johns … More Williams. Though we’re well into the 21st century, the representation of women on the list of Gold Medal winners is disappointingly light. Here at Parlour we believe that the achievements of exceptional Australian women architects deserve more recognition.

The Australian Institute of Architects is currently accepting nominations for the 2017 Gold Medal from its various chapters and committees. If you’d like the National Committee for Gender Equity to put a particularly impressive name forward, simply send your suggestion via email by Tuesday 2 August 2016.

The Committee will then select a number of nominations to develop – the supporting information for nominations needs to include comprehensive biographical details, a career history, evidence of distinguished work and Australian Institute of Architects service.

The Australian Institute of Architects Gold Medal is the highest honour the Institute can bestow. The award was created in 1960 to recognise distinguished service by Australian architects who have designed or executed buildings of high merit; produced work of great distinction resulting in the advancement of architecture; or endowed the profession of architecture in a distinguished manner.

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