An international Masters study into designing for neurodiversity in public architectural spaces seeks survey participation from people (18+) who identify as neurodivergent. Take the survey today!

University College London student Madeleine Granland has partnered with the Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York), 9/11 Memorial Museum (New York), Science Museum (London) and the British Museum (London) to research the design of museums and galleries for neurodiversity.

Her thesis focuses on “going beyond minimum standards when designing for neurodiversity in public architectural spaces”. The research is specifically focused on designing museums and galleries (spaces that people choose to be in, rather than have to be in).

The survey is aimed at people who identify as being neurodivergent (18 years or older) and asks questions about gallery building design and sensory mapping. Participation is anonymous and confidential. The survey should take 10–15 minutes.

The survey closes 8 August.

For further information, see the survey or contact Madeleine Granland.