Join Parlour in Melbourne on 8 October for an informal, wide-ranging conversation between Adam Nathaniel Furman and Naomi Stead. Queerness, cultural difference and diasporas, class, unpaid labour, online activism – there is a lot to talk about!

Artist, designer, educator and critic, Adam Nathaniel Furman is coming to Melbourne. Parlour is delighted to host a conversation between Adam and our own Naomi Stead, exploring Adam’s work and advocacy and shared areas of action and interest.

Adam is an artist and designer of Argentine, Japanese and Israeli heritage based in London. Trained in architecture and fine art, he also works in products, interiors, writing and teaching. His work has been exhibited and published widely. Adam also has a strong presence on social media, through which he raises fundamental questions about labour practices in architecture – most recently he staged a highly effective campaign around unpaid internships, particularly in relation to the Serpentine Pavilion commission. (Read Warwick Mihaly on the campaign.)

I bring equal parts pleasure, colour, and joy, as well as critical consideration, reflection and depth to everything I am lucky enough to be involved in.

My designs are always approachable, usually adorable, often cheeky, and take inspiration from a passionate and lifelong exploration of the themes of queerness, colour and ornament as a political-aesthetic project, with my objects, artwork, spaces & installations invariably being embodiments of the diasporic, fluid & roaming cultures that surrounded me as I grew up, and which continue to fascinate & inspire me to this day.


6.30–8.30pm, Tuesday 8 October


City of Melbourne Bowls Club
Flagstaff Gardens, Melbourne


Book below or here.  $10 tickets / $5 concession.
This event is supported by Monash Architecture.

Photo credits. Top left: Pietro Cattaneo; top right and thumbnail: Gareth Gardner.