An unprecedented number of women are taking leadership roles in academia, professional bodies and practices across Australia (and elsewhere). Parlour’s Leading Change series profiles a variety of different women in leadership positions – in academia, in the institutions and within practice – drawing on their personal and professional experiences to provide insights and advice around career and leadership.

This series builds on the very successful event Parlour ran as part of the NGV Triennale program last year. ‘Leading Change’ was a public conversation on leadership featuring four of the five women leading Victorian architecture schools. It was a fascinating discussion and a great success. (You can read the edited transcript here and a review of the event by Pia Ednie Brown).

Parlour is keen to expand the discussion by profiling the women leading architectural education and the profession. We are inviting women leaders to share their knowledge and experience in this new series, which will include a wide range of women in leadership, with different expertise and interests, representing very different institutions and practices, and at different stages of their careers. We are confident that the insights given will be of great interest to our readers, and will shine a light on the work being done by women in institutions and practices around Australia.

Our first profile is SueAnne Ware, Head of the School of Architecture and the Built Environment at the University of Newcastle, who offers some fascinating insights about the value of distributed leadership and the need to bridge the gap between higher education and disadvantaged and marginalised communities.

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We look forward to publishing more profiles in the coming months.

Parlour’s Leading Change series is edited by Susie Ashworth.