What are the demographic characteristics of practice leaders in the profession? How can they use their position to improve equity for all? How can they support people different than themselves to rise through the profession?

Watch this important conversation about power and privilege with Paul Brace of PBD Architects, Kit Ku of Hayball and Sally Hsu of Bates Smart, in conversation with Jess Murphy and Justine Clark.

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Jess Murphy and Kit Ku on why those who benefit from biased systems should work to dismantle them.

The Champions of Change has undertaken a detailed survey of ‘executives’ within some of Australia’s largest practices. The results are at once unsurprising and shocking – the broad demographics of the profession as a whole are not well reflected in this group of leaders, not to mention the society we design for.

So, what does the survey tell us about the characteristics of those who make it to the top? How does privilege influence success and how is power distributed? What does this mean for equity? How do gateways for some people become roadblocks for others? Most importantly, how can leaders use their power to drive change and to improve equity and diversity within their practice and the wider industry?

Almost everyone has experienced some kind of privilege over the course of their career, and most of us also experience bias at times. How can we activate our own power and privilege for good?

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This session was recorded live on 14 August 2023. Stepping Up is a collaboration between Parlour, the Champions of Change Architecture Group and the Association of Consulting Architects.