Caroline Stalker & Genevieve Quinn

Advocacy for the public realm, incentivised collaborative partnerships and the role of good design education – listen in on this spirited conversation between Caroline Stalker and Genevieve Quinn.

Our conversationalists for this episode are Caroline Stalker and Genevieve Quinn. At the time of the session, Caroline was a Principal and Design Director Architecture and Urbanism, Australasia, at Arup. She is now a Principal at Hassell. Genevieve is a graduate at Deicke Richards and is active with the Gabba Community Vision team.

The conversation explores advocacy and activism from different perspectives and professional positions. Caroline shares her positive experiences working on projects that have incentivised collaborative partnerships and provided strategies on how to advocate for better public realm contracts that include this. Genevieve is interested in the role of architecture in a political landscape and the conversation covers the role of good design education, concluding that by learning how to navigate strategic contexts in a collaborative forum, you can make a difference to a complex problems and create impactful design.

This session was recorded live on Yuggerah and Turrbal Country at the Brisbane Spring Salon. Held at the Brickworks Design Studio on 15 September 2021, it was organised by Emma Healy. Photographs: Alanna McTiernan.