We are delighted you are joining the Parlour Collective. The following rules and guidelines support the program, ensure that everyone feels welcome and provide a framework for engagement.

About the Parlour Collective

The Parlour Collective is a supporter program for Parlour: gender, equity, architecture Inc. It aims to strengthen and extend the vibrant, engaged community that has gathered around Parlour Inc over the last decade. It helps create the funding security needed to continue Parlour’s current and long-term program of work, and increases avenues of engagement for those individuals, practices and organisations that join the Parlour Collective. 

Parlour Inc and the Parlour Collective

The Parlour Collective is a project developed by Parlour Inc, which is an incorporated association registered in Victoria, and governed by the Parlour Inc Rules of Association.

Individuals, companies and organisations that join the Parlour Collective program are not association members of Parlour Inc. However, some participants in the Parlour Collective may be invited to become members of the Association over time. This is at the discretion of the Parlour Inc Board and the process is governed by the Parlour Inc Rules of Association.


The Parlour Collective is open to all. It is tailored for individuals, companies and organisations active in the built environment professions, but is open to anyone interested in supporting the work of Parlour Inc.

The Parlour Collective has nine levels, organised into three tiers. All levels are available to both individuals and practices. 

Terms and conditions

In joining the Parlour Collective, participants are bound by the following terms and conditions.

1. Benefits

Joining the Parlour Collective brings tangible and intangible benefits. The tangible benefits associated with each level reflect the increasing financial contribution.

Participants have access to the tangible benefits outlined in the Schedule of Benefits. This may be added to and adjusted over time. Participants will be notified of new, enhanced or altered benefits within one month of these adjustments.

2. Restrictions

Parlour operates in a system of honesty and trust. One of the tenets of the Parlour Collective is that participation helps maintain and enhance accessibility for all. Nonetheless, some restrictions apply. 

Participants in the Parlour Collective program agree that they will:

  1. Keep their login information private and not share it with others who are not participating in the program.
  2. Not reproduce information and resources received as part of their participation unless expressly agreed, and subject to the Parlour editorial policy. 
  3. Observe Parlour etiquette as outlined below.

3. Parlour etiquette

Parlour encourages robust, open discussion. This should focus on the content and ideas at stake. Do be polemical and forthright, but please be respectful. Negative personal comment about individuals is not appropriate.

Parlour Collective participants should not air inappropriate, inaccurate or offensive content on Parlour platforms or in forums and discussions. Parlour Inc reserves the right to terminate the subscriptions of those who do not observe this etiquette. We do not expect such circumstances to arise. If they should, the Parlour Collective fees paid are forfeited. 

4. Not endorsement

Joining the Parlour Collective is a good way to communicate values. However, joining the Collective does not confer Parlour Inc’s endorsement of the participants or their actions.

5. Intellectual property

Participants in the Parlour Collective supporter program have access to a Parlour marque or logo, which may be used to promote involvement in the program. This is for the exclusive use of current financial Collective participants. It may not be used by those whose subscription has lapsed.

Use of the marque or logo must comply with any supplied branding guidelines at all times. Unless expressly provided, Parlour Collective participants are not granted other rights or licence to copyrights, trademarks or other intellectual property.

Where participants in the Parlour Collective supporter program share Parlour editorial content, they must acknowledge and fully credit the authors and Parlour Inc.

6. Editorial and research independence

Parlour Inc maintains its research and editorial independence and integrity. In particular, participants in the Parlour Collective program do not have the ability to exert editorial influence or control over Parlour Inc, or to influence the way in which research findings are reported.

All editorial content on the Parlour website is selected and commissioned independently. Parlour’s editorial content is governed by its editorial policy. Editorial and research decisions and research findings will not impact upon the Parlour Collective supporter relationship.

7. Liability

Parlour Collective participants will not hold Parlour Inc liable for any tangible or intangible damage that might happen to them while participating in the program.

The participant agrees that Parlour Inc cannot guarantee any results from their involvement in the Parlour Collective. Any negative or positive results that might occur during the term of involvement are the result of the participant’s own choices.

8. Privacy

Parlour Inc will not share specific contact or personal information about participants in the Parlour Collective with other members, non-members or any third parties, unless this is a requirement for COVID-safe event protocols. Refer also to the Parlour website privacy policy.

Parlour Collective members are listed on the Parlour website, in accordance with preferences identified when signing up. If you would like your name removed from the list or changed, please get in touch.

9. Communications

Parlour Inc will communicate with the Parlour Collective via email and various social media platforms, in line with communication preferences identified in the sign-up form.

Communications will include sending occasional emails from Parlour Partners (sponsors). Such emails are sent through the Parlour Inc communication channels. In accordance with the privacy statement above, email and other contact details are not shared with sponsors or other third parties except in relation to COVID-safe event protocols.

10. Renewal

Parlour Collective subscriptions renew annually from the date of sign up, unless the one-time option is selected at sign up. The subscription can be switched to ‘one time’ at any time during the subscription period, via the account page.

Advice of impending renewal will be sent one month prior to renewal.

11. Termination

Parlour Inc has a right to terminate participation in the Parlour Collective if any of the terms and conditions outlined above are violated. The participant can terminate their membership at any point and for any reason and will not be charged for their next billing cycle.