The 2024 OBEL Award Teaching Fellowships is now accepting applications until 1 July. Australia is one of three countries in which the 75,000€ fellowships will be awarded. Apply now!

Obel Teaching fellowships

The Obel Award Teaching Fellowship aims to contribute to creating new knowledge in relation to the most important challenges of our time. It seeks to bring the professional and academic realms closer together by supporting professionals to teach in an academic setting.

In 2024, three fellowships of up to 75,000€ each will be awarded to support the teaching of subjects within official programs at the university level. Eligible countries are Australia and designated countries in South Asia, and Africa.

The program encourages learning and debate around an annual theme. Each year’s theme reflects pressing issues for people and the planet while expressing the potential of architecture and design to positively impact our built environment. The themes for 2024 are ‘cities’ and ‘adaptation’. These build on key ideas for cities from the 2020 award and adaptation concerning coastal resilience from the 2023 award.

Ideally, the chosen candidate will lead/teach two courses at the university within the fellowship period in accredited university programs. However, other models of learning could mean that only one more intensive subject is taught- and therefore eligible for a fellowship.

The fellowship is geared toward professionals with at least five years of experience who are keen to share their knowledge in an academic setting.

Applications close on 1 July, with the fellowships announced on 10 September.

Learn more and submit an online application through Obel Award Teaching Fellowships.