Parlour is delighted to be part of Workaround at the RMIT Design Hub. Join us Saturday 11 August for the Parlour Super Salon with Architecture + Women • New Zealand.

The Super Salon episode brings Parlour and Architecture + Women • New Zealand together in a public conversation that will reflect on five years of intense action, and project forward to future plans. With an emphasis on sharing ideas, experience, strategies and tactics, we will begin with a loosely structured conversation between Justine Clark, Gill Matthewson and Naomi Stead (Parlour) and Divya Purushotham and Lynda Simmons (A + W • NZ) and then expand out into wider discussion  with the audience.


Saturday 11 August, 12 – 2pm (followed by the Workaround closing party)


RMIT Design Hub
Victoria Street
Carlton, VIC 3000


Book online here


Workaround engages with a movement of women focused on advocacy and activism within an expanded field of architecture. Each of these practitioners works towards positive change in the built environment and its surrounding cultures.Workaround is a online broadcast and a program of live events. Fourteen Australian practitioners each present a critique, conversation, interview, workshop or performance that articulates their strategies and workarounds and reflects on their activist practice. For the full Workaround program refer to the Design Hub website.

The University of Auckland has generously supported the involvement of Architecture + Women • NZ in this event.