ABC News is seeking more women voices on its digital and broadcast platforms. So, nominate a colleague or friend – or yourself!

NOTE: This opportunity has now passed. This record is being maintained for archival purposes.  

ABC News is currently building its database of women across industries to call on as expert talent, opinion leaders and sources for interviews/commentary on its digital and broadcast platforms. This database will be used by ABC News interview producers, talent bookers and journalists.

If you are a subject matter expert, or know one, put up your hand. You are welcome to nominate yourself or an industry colleague who may be reticent about nominating themselves.

The ABC is deliberately looking for fresh, diverse voices and perspectives from women of all backgrounds to add to their talent pool, so be bold and put up your hand!

All nominees will be contacted by interview producers and talent bookers, who will guide nominees through the process.

To make a nomination, fill out the ABC News talent/source nomination form.

If you have multiple women you’d like to nominate and would prefer a template to fill out, email the ABC.