Marion’s List is a public register for women and gender-diverse people active in Australian architecture and the built environment disciplines. It aims to broaden the perception of architects, to represent the myriad women active in the Australian built environment professions, and to increase the diversity of our public cultures.

People of all ages and career stages are welcome, including those currently overseas with a lasting connection to Australia.

Applications to Marion’s List are reviewed prior to publication. All entries must meet Parlour’s etiquette and editorial standards, and they may also be edited to remove typos and errant capitalisation. The publication of any profile is at the discretion of the editors and may be withdrawn without reason at any time.

Marion’s List is a place to present your professional expertise and interests. Content should be truthful, lawful and respectful of others.

Applicants assert that they have the relevant permissions for content intended for publication in the profile, including rights to photographs.