Join the Campaign: Marion's List

In March 2023, Parlour conducted a nation-wide campaign to increase the number of women and gender diverse built environment professionals represented on Marion’s List. This was a great success and will be followed by a campaign to encourage the use of Marion’s List in public forums and media later in the year.

Marion’s List is our public register of women and gender diverse professionals active in architecture and the built environment. We encourage the Parlour Collective and wider Parlour community to advocate among peers, consultants and networks to help get more people and profiles up on Marion’s List.

Although the March campaign has now finished, there is still lots of opportunity to participate – and we particularly encourage practices to continue hosting writing workshops to help support their staff and community to join Marion’s List.

Why a campaign and workshops?

Marion’s List is very successful – many people are already on the list, and many people and organisations use it. It is an important resource, and provides an expanded image of architects and built environment professionals. But there are more people to include.

It is always more fun to do things together! Some people have been putting off uploading their profile for a while – not enough time in the day, feel a bit shy, don’t have a good bio to use as the base, can’t find a good photograph, the list goes on. Others have been too busy to update their profile with their latest roles or achievements. Coming together in a friendly, supportive and convivial environment helps with all of this. It is also another chance to meet new people and keep building existing relationships and networks!

Great, how do we get involved?

Parlour Collective practices

This is an excellent way for practices support staff, colleagues and connections to become part of Marion’s List – and to demonstrate your role as a leader on gender equity. The workshop can be internal or open to anyone – you choose what suits you best.

Support your people to add their profiles anytime, anywhere

Encourage your people and network. We will provide simple resources you can distribute to support this. 


You can do this at a Marion’s List workshop, or any time and any place that suits you.

Everyone – practices, people, partners, allied organisations

Promote the campaign among your networks

We have cute videos and great collateral will be available soon!

What next?

If your practice is keen to run a workshop, get started by checking out what is involved and then register your interest via our EOI form – let us know when and where you would like to run it, who the primary contact is, if the workshop is open to all, or in-house, and supply some simple details.

We are in the midst of preparing gorgeous collateral too.

If you are interested in heading along to a workshop, keep an eye on your email and this website – we will post details as workshops become available!

We need never again hear ’we asked a woman, but she wasn’t available’!

Find out more about Marion’s List