Watch our first Parlour Lab, Women in Architecture: Archives, Data, Visibility. Julie Collins and Gill Matthewson discuss their work in conversation with Kali Marnane and Macarena de la Vega de León.

Our guest researchers, Julie Collins and Gill Matthewson, begin with a brief outline of what they do, why it is relevant and how they do it.

They then join Macarena and Kali for a discussion about archives and data. How do they sort through large  amounts of information  and decide what is relevant? What unexpected things have came up in their research? Why is history, and the history of women in architecture, relevant for practitioners?

Find out more about the series here and watch Macarena and Kali chat about the idea and future plans for the series.

Parlour LAB is a collaboration between Parlour, UQ Architecture and SAHANZ, and is supported by all our Parlour Partners. This session was held online 12–1pm AEDT, 12 October 2020.