Watch LAB 11: Rethinking Heritage, with Amanda Achmadi and Kelly Greenop + Chris Landorf – you can purchase access to the CPD below.

Parlour LAB 11 explores new heritage considerations and practices, with Kelly Greenop + Chris Landorf and Amanda Achmadi in conversation with Kali Marnane and Rebecca McLaughlan.

Kelly and Chris kick off with a lively and thought-provoking discussion of the potential of digital heritage as a new method of archiving and experiencing heritage. They talk about the potential for emerging technologies to change the way we archive and experience heritage, the challenges of archiving traumatic sites, and the opportunities to create rich records that combine representations of heritage environments with detailed stories of those who occupied them.

Amanda then outlines her work, which brings a forgotten part of Australia’s cultural and built environment heritage back to the surface. This work explores intra-colonial networks and encounters in late-nineteenth-century Asia Pacific. This work reveals many strands of connection between Australia, South-east Asia and the Pacific, which that occurred via trade and industry and had lasting impacts on Australia’s architectural and cultural heritage.

The conversation that follows extends the discussion and the connections between the two bodies of work, exploring the methods, contribution and potential of rethinking heritage within contemporary practice.

Think about alternative perspectives in whatever place you’re dealing with. Ask whose story is being told and privileged and why, and should you rethink that?”—Kelly Greenop

Topics of discussion include the existing bias in the world of heritage, with some places receiving money and love and care, and others being overlooked; the need to consider palliative care for buildings; and the benefits of refocusing on the social history of a place rather than the monumentalism of buildings.

There are so many stories to tell. It’s about really being attentive to the multiple agencies. It’s not about showcasing the monumental part of our past, which tends to privilege the powerful actor in history. Attend to the moments that are not that tidy. They are quite fascinating”—Amanda Achmadi


To followup further on our speakers’ work, read Amanda’s essays Advertising ‘the East’: Encounters with the Urban and the Exotic in Late Colonial Asia Pacific and The Architecture of Cultuurstelsel in Nineteenth-century Dutch East Indies: Built Traces of Colonial Agricultural Industry. Explore Kelly and Chris’s work on the Future Visions website, check out these 3D Heritage Scans and read about robots saving the heritage of remote Peel Island.

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This session was recorded online on 22 October.