Watch the recording of Leadership, our Light at the End of the Tunnel session with Eloise Atkinson and Adam Haddow.

Eloise and Adam explore leadership in difficult and uncertain times – in a Q & A session with Justine Clark, Naomi Stead and our highly active and engaged audience.

What do we need from our leaders now and what are the particular challenges they face? How do different leadership styles enable and what limitations do they bring with them? What is the potential for rethinking modes of leadership?


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A note about the closed captions. The subtitles on the video are draft only at this stage. We are editing them at the moment, and will have clean copies available as soon as possible.

Light at the End of the Tunnel is a collaboration between Parlour and Monash Architecture. This session was held online 12.30–1.30pm AEST, Friday 12 June 2020.