We are very pleased to alert readers to the Australian Institute of Architects Parental Leave and Special Circumstances membership option – a 75% reduction in fees.

Photo Nick Bassett.

Photo Nick Bassett.

In order to more effectively recognise the diversity of membership, and particularly to facilitate more appropriate career pathways for women in architecture, the Australian Institute of Architects offers special provisions for members who are unable to participate fully in employment, due to being on parental leave from their normal employment.
These members are entitled to all the normal benefits of membership and to a discounted annual fee, which is set at a 75 percent reduced rate of the normal fee for a (non-A+) Level 1 member ($243 as opposed to $971, a saving of $728).

The Parental Leave subscription rate applies to:

  • Existing members, but no prior membership period applies;
  • Members who do not work more than 20 hours per week because they are the primary carer of one or more children aged 5 or under.

The special subscription rate applies for a period of two years from the time the application is approved. Eligible members must reapply for the Parental Leave rate at not more than two-yearly intervals.  Evidence of eligibility must be provided before eligibility can be approved.

Simply email the membership team at the Institute to discuss your options – membership@architecture.com.au