Have you had a chance to visit the MSDx virtual exhibition, which showcases hundreds of pieces of studio work by MSD students? It’s online until 25 November.

For the first time, MSDx is being held as a virtual exhibition on an interactive multimedia platform designed to elevate and showcase the studio work of MSD students.

How we live together is being dramatically transformed. MSDx showcases the imagination and innovation of the next generation of built environment professionals, as they explore how communities, cities and environments change and co-exist.

MSDx illustrates the quality and diversity of output at the Melbourne School of Design, ranging from highly speculative propositions to more practice-oriented efforts, from small design interventions to large urban proposals and beyond.

The virtual experience will allow the viewer to explore each studio’s carefully curated digital exhibition spaces through interactive digital environments, videos, images, digital models, plans, virtual fly-throughs, renders and artworks.

MSDx represents an explicit critique of the Melbourne context seen through the lens of over 80 studios (architecture, landscape, planning, graphic design, urban design and more). To browse through this virtual exhibition, head to the MSD website.