Sarah Foley

Director, Architect
Sarah Foley Architects

Sarah Foley (B.Arch Hons. 1) is Director of the award-winning firm, Sarah Foley Architects. A registered architect she has worked in Sydney and Brisbane, Australia and in London, UK.

Sarah is dedicated to continued development, innovation and research to remain at the cutting edge of the field. This is reflected in her involvement in university tutoring in History and Design; contributing to architectural publications, including Monument & Houses magazines and European architectural journals. Sarah is an examiner for the registration exams for the Board of Architects in Qld as well as the Australia-wide National Practice of Architecture (NPrA) examinations.

Sarah collaborates with other architects and professionals. An early exposure to sustainable living in a rural area engendered an interest in a sustainable future architecture. Much of Sarah’s work is in remote and regional areas across Australia both in residential and commercial scales.

This is a dynamic architecture practice that incorporates art and architecture and has hundreds of projects in it's repertoire.

Awards received include The Architectural Review ‘ar + D’ Emerging Architecture Highly Commended for collaboration on Australian Chamber Orchestra Installation. Awarded Copenhagen; Design Institute of Australia Commended, Best Use of Lighting; Karl & Gertrude Langer Memorial Prize for Design; L. Bertoldi Drawing Prize UQ.

Growing up in a family with a father as jeweller, media and art teacher and a mother who worked and raised four children, I have developed a compulsive need to create and experiment. The childhood home was a constant cacophony of double bass, flute and piano noise and patina of paint, inks and paper. An early interest in drawing and graphics resulted in following the career path of architecture.

Architecture practise sits well with side projects of photography, silversmithing and model making. Adventures to Europe, Japan, NZ and China have been fields for photography, collections and sketching. Collaboration with other artists and architects is a particular interest as is working with students of Architecture on design projects. Now a registered practicing architect I have the job satisfaction of working on projects of vast to minute scales balanced with child-wrangling and artistic pursuits.

Interested in
Juries, Sessional teaching or crits, Writing