Jennekin Dicks

Owner, Consultant
Management in Action

Years ago, while still an architect, Jennekin had a deep sense that scores of talented, hard-working people were being limited in their impact by seemingly innocuous yet entrenched practice habits – habits which created barriers to dynamic progress and enjoyment of work. Knowing that people rarely had the time to focus in on these issues and resolve them quickly, she decided to help and soon after founded Management in Action.

First, Jennekin became an established helping hand in setting up certifiable systems (QA, OHS & Environmental), advocating a new approach so systems would contribute to what mattered to people. She then specialised in detailed process topics, such as engaging staff in profitability management, using Safety in Design to the designer’s advantage, and streamlining project controls effectively.

Jennekin believes advice is best served with help to embed change, so when she is not writing or presenting talks or CPD workshops, she drives internal change projects for her clients.

Her mission is clear: “I help people form their own unique version of what I call Habitat – a business which functions dynamically around central meaningful purpose and where people are excited about the value they bring to their collective future.”

Interested in
Public speaking, Juries, Sessional teaching or crits