Tanya Awadallah


Since joining MHNDU, one of Sydney’s most pioneering and established architectural identities, Tanya has been pivotal in advancing the firm's architectural, social and cultural practice. As Principal, her unique approach blends architecture, finance, and culture, fostering an environment of collaboration and synergy.

Tanya views architecture as a powerful medium that shapes personal experiences and city skylines alike, finding this impact on human interaction the most rewarding aspect of her work. Her leadership emphasises psychological safety and team wellbeing, cultivating a space ripe for creativity.

With her involvement, MHNDU has emerged as a design leader and a proactive community change agent. In 2019, Tanya inaugurated 'wilson', a profit-for-purpose café that transforms a historical garage into a platform for underrepresented artists. This initiative reflects her commitment to marrying architectural innovation with significant social impact, demonstrating her vision for both professional and community development in the field of architecture.

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