Shantel Gilmore

Student of Architecture

Passionate about architecture's impact on well-being, psychology, and behaviours, Shantel is dedicated to fostering connection among current peers and future colleagues, aiming to enrich the architecture community and the success of fellow built environment students. Recently completing her Bachelor of Architectural Design at Monash University, Shantel empathises with the challenges of academic life. Her goal is to guide and support fellow students, offering insights into navigating university and the professional world, empowering them to excel. Shantel values open communication and transparency, seeking to connect with students by tailoring information to their needs. Drawing from her previous leadership experience as the Monash Art, Design, and Architecture Peer Mentoring Coordinator, Shantel has a proven track record of nurturing student communities and promoting inclusivity through planning various social events and media initiatives, such as the 'Sketch & Specs' podcast. These skills directly translate into Shantel's prospective roles as the SONA representative and MADA Student Society President in 2024. Shantel is currently undertaking her Master of Architecture degree at Monash University.

Interested in
Public speaking, Mentoring