Hannah Robertson

ARC DECRA Fellow & Lecturer in Construction (University of Melbourne) and Adjunct Research Fellow (Monash Sustainable Development Institute)
University of Melbourne

Hannah’s research interests lie in remote building, participatory design, sustainable livelihood creation and sustainable construction practices. Hannah seeks to combine Traditional Owner-Led and contextually responsive approaches to work on integrated building, design and research projects in partnership with industry, volunteers and Indigenous communities in remote Australia. Her work has consistently been recognised nationally and internationally with the Royal Institute of British Architect’s Dissertation Medal (2011), the Henry and Rachael Ackman Travelling Scholarship (2015), the John Grice Medal (2019) and the Chartered Institute of Building Research Award (2019).

Hannah's DECRA focuses on the construction and post occupancy analysis of the Olkola Cultural Knowledge Centre. This project has developed from a partnership with the Olkola Aboriginal Corporation since 2018 to realise their vision for a Cultural Centre on Country. In addition to student participation in the project through teaching, the project also involves partnerships with the Centre for Appropriate Technology, Ove Arup Engineering, Walker Homes and Construction and a dedicated team of volunteers. The Stage 1 Prototype has been constructed through the Queensland Government's Growing Indigenous Tourism Queensland Initiative and the Stage 2 Ranger Base will be built with funding through the Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation’s Our Country, Our Future Fund.

Interested in
Public speaking, Writing, Expert comment