Fae Sarshoghi


I am passionate about the interrelations of architecture and social sciences, with a focus on inclusive placemaking and feminist cities.

As an Urban Designer, my career is defined by a profound passion for environmental sustainability and a relentless drive to champion inclusive design. I excel in analysing spaces holistically, integrating innovative practices into projects. With a strong experience leading design initiatives, I collaborate effectively with teams and stakeholders to achieve exceptional outcomes.

My personal project "incluciti", focuses on conducting research and interviewing experts in the field of urban planning and design with a focus on creating inclusive cities and places. I look for collaboration opportunities where I can bring my analytical research, knowledge of urban design, and strong presentation skills into practice and contribute to transforming our cities into places where everyone feels connected and welcome.

Interested in
Public speaking, Juries, Sessional teaching or crits, Writing, Mentoring, Expert comment