Fae Sarshoghi


I am passionate about the interrelations of architecture and social sciences, with a focus on inclusive placemaking and feminist cities.

I look for collaboration opportunities where I can bring my research into practice and contribute to transforming our cities into places where everyone feels connected and welcome. My newly established practice, incluciti, focuses on conducting research, collecting and analysing data about a site prior to providing strategies that could make the site more welcoming to the typical user groups visiting it. These strategies include but are not limited to wayfinding, placemaking and public art.

I was born in Iran and spent most of my life there, where I studied architecture and practiced interior design. Moving to Australia, I was faced by many pleasant and unpleasant surprises, such as calling one of the most beautiful harbour cities in the world as home, or seeing so many homeless people camping in the shadow of tall commercial towers. The pleasant surprises made me want to become more involved in how our cities are being shaped. The unpleasant ones made me question the less than perfect qualities of my new country. Being a woman and a migrant working in the built environment, made me more and more interested in human geography.

Interested in
Public speaking, Juries, Sessional teaching or crits, Writing, Mentoring, Expert comment