Lauren Jeans

Senior Architect
Grieve Gillet Architects

Lauren is a registered architect at Grieve Gillet Architects with ten years of industry experience.

Hailing from Scotland, Lauren has a love for travel which has seen her study in Canada, and work in New Zealand, UK, and Australia. These experiences have shaped the architect she is today. Through her travel experiences, her philosophy that ‘people and place make architecture’ has only been reinforced; with a belief that consideration for the human experience and the environment we are designing for should be at the forefront of every design.

Having experience across the residential, commercial and education sectors, Lauren has found her passion in technical detailing. Lauren loves problem solving, and thoroughly enjoys collaborating and coordinating with consultants to achieve the optimum outcome for all involved. More broadly, Lauren enjoys the variety that a career in architecture has to offer.

Outside of work, Lauren is associated with several industry bodies, including the AIA and Parlour. Lauren uses her role on the EmAGN SA committee to advocate for and support the emerging demographic. Having experienced the challenges of starting out in a new place, Lauren is passionate about connecting with others in a similar situation and offering support, particularly with regards to the Overseas Qualification Assessment process. Lauren spent 2 years as EmAGN SA Co-Chair and during this time set up a number of initiatives including regular registration events, Beers with Peers, and most recently, Archibubs.

Motherhood has added an extra dimension to Lauren’s professional perspective, and she is passionate about demonstrating the range of additional skills working parents bring to our profession.

Interested in
Public speaking, Juries, Sessional teaching or crits, Writing, Mentoring