Rebecca Caldwell

Director / Architect
Maytree Studios

I design the kind of world I want to live in. My design philosophy combines ethics and social responsibility with the forward-thinking sensibilities of contemporary architecture.

Originally from New Zealand, I aesthetically lean toward the rich, textured and rugged forms that define this part of the Antipodes. This tangible aspect of my practice is typical of my warm, empathic nature. I am genuinely invested in what’s important for our clients and work closely with them to provide advice that is in their best interests. I am passionate about educating and maintaining communication channels between clients and later in the process, builders, and collaboratively exploring ways to create buildable outcomes within budget.

Becoming a mother has strengthened my residential practice by giving me a first-hand understanding of the importance of future-proofing homes to accommodate growing households. The sleep-deprivation of motherhood hasn’t affected my tongue-in-cheek humour, though, which remains razor sharp!

Interested in
Public speaking, Juries, Writing