Ceridwen Owen

Associate Professor School of Architecture & Design / Director
University of Tasmania / Core Collective Architects

Ceridwen is an Associate Professor in Architecture & Design at the University of Tasmania and a Director of Core Collective Architects.

Ceridwen emigrated to Australia in 1996 following the completion of her architecture training at the Edinburgh College of Art and Mackintosh School of Architecture. She worked for a number of years in practice in Melbourne before establishing Core Collective Architects with Ryan Strating in 2002. Ceridwen also completed a PhD at the University of Melbourne in 2004, before joining the University of Tasmania in 2005.

Ceridwen’s practice, teaching and research centres on design for sustainability, health and social inclusion, with a focus on cognitive and sensory diversity in the design of the built environment. She is particularly interested use of creative and visual-based methods to gain in-depth insights into experiences of place and to extend opportunities for inclusion, collaboration and engagement in research and design projects and in her teaching practice. She is the recipient of several government and other competitive grants and the author of numerous traditional and non-traditional research outputs, including creative works.

Interested in
Public speaking, Juries, Expert comment