Sarah Hobday-North

Founder and Principal Architect
Architect GP

Sarah is a Registered Architect (Vic) and has practiced in Urban Design, Design for Education and residential architecture. She is the daughter of architects, so obviously she studied to become a High School teacher. Sarah is sick of architecture being and feeling out of people’s reach.

She believes in making change, and that no one can create effective change on their own. This is why, in 2023, she launched Architect GP with a core group of like-minded architects.

What Sarah does best is listen, engage and workshop in real time. Whether working with her clients or teaching her students at Melbourne and Monash Universities, she brings issues and solutions to life through dialogue and illustration. Sarah brings the experience of Architectural design into people’s homes long before the project is built. And that means confident clients and better outcomes.

Sarah work is about improving people’s homes and lives by making Architects accessible. So get in touch!

Interested in
Public speaking, Sessional teaching or crits, Writing, Expert comment