Tara Cull

Landscape Architect & English Teacher

I am a Landscape Architect and English teacher from Melbourne, Australia currently living in Montpellier, France, teaching English to architects & landscape architects online. I started my business ArchiEnglish to help ESL professionals in the Architecture industry to advance their English communication skills, build their confidence in the workplace and unlock their hidden potential.

I believe in a Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) approach to teaching English where my students advance their level of Business English by practising English in a way that is relevant to their job. By focusing on the appropriate fields of study, it means my students are engaging in the material that is relevant and practical for them to be able to make progress.

I draw upon my experiences as a Landscape Architect and a teacher to design 1:1 coaching programs that seek to educate my students not only about the structures of the English language but also about how cultural differences, mindset, and motivation can have an impact on language learning.

VIC, oseas
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