Jo Paterson Kinniburgh

Partner (bangawarra) & Director of Education (UTS)
bangawarra & School of Architecture UTS

I focus on concealed and marginal spatial histories as sites of potential resistance to dominant narratives of place. Through practice-based creative work, I relate contemporary spatial and performance design to larger political and socio-historical contexts of colonisation and erasure.

Mo-on mana bangawarra'o'ngun; waduguda wingara'o'ngun; D'harawal bayaba'o'ngun; naba D'harawal guwanyi'o'ngun. At bangawarra, every time we draw together any assemblage of people, materials or Country, we design and make with- and in- language together; we remember the ancient D'harawal stories; we publicly acknowledge the Ancestors as we work on Country. My partner at bangawarra is Shannon Foster, Sydney D'harawal Knowledge Keeper

Interested in
Public speaking, Juries, Sessional teaching or crits, Writing