Rua Hashlamoun

Brown Falconer

Rua is an enthusiastic designer with more than 15 years of experience both in Australia and overseas on a wide range of projects from commercial, retail, education and art projects. Rua has a heavy involvement in the art scene whether as a designer, a visual artist or an art appreciator.
In the past few years, Rua has found her calling in education projects and has been successfully leading and delivering medium to large projects with her thorough understanding of project briefs and stakeholder requirements.
In all her projects, Rua researches the local stories, old and new. Engages with current stakeholders and past stories that created the site and the need for the project.
Rua’s work is always a team effort. The design team and the stakeholders alike. Rua believes if you can genuinely understand the project you will create a wholistic design outcome that belongs to and successfully complements the local environment.
When the project design is created, great execution needs to be ensured. This comes from great team effort, but it also comes from experience and continuous enthusiasm. No two projects are the same, however learning from what worked and didn’t work in previous projects is a value that Rua brings to her projects. With her extensive range of project experience comes the knowledge and easy understanding of how to deal with tricky project details.
If one thing differentiates Rua, it is her continuous enthusiasm due to design being her life, not just her job.

Interested in
Public speaking, Juries, Sessional teaching or crits, Writing