Katie Checken

Graduate of Architecture
Pop Architecture

Katie graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2013 with a Masters of Architecture, specialising in sustainable practice. Since commencing work she has gained experience in projects of a variety of scales and programs. Her strengths lie in the communication and coordination that takes place during all stages of a project. She is also experienced in 3d modelling and documentation in BIM software.

Katie is interested in the role that design plays in connecting people to themselves, to each other and to their environment in deep and meaningful ways. Her thesis project Ethereal was a conceptual bathhouse project that explored the phenomenological relationship between humans and nature. She was interested in how both nature and ritual can engage the senses and lead to states of mindfulness, self-reflection and connection. Katie is also very engaged with the wellness benefits of yoga, meditation, dance and personal ritual practices.

Interested in
Public speaking, Juries, Sessional teaching or crits