Charlotte Karlsson

Project Architect
Calder Flower Architects

Originally from Malmo in the south of Sweden and my Scandinavian heritage shapes my attitudes to gender and equality profoundly. Completed my architectural studies at UNSW and joined Calder Flower Architects in 2014 where I specialise as an aged care architect. My previous experience has been predominantly within residential architecture. Making the shift to the aged care sector, I get to demonstrate my aptitude for resolving the complex design problems often encountered in this building type. I'm passionate about the social responsibility of the architect and making our communities more liveable. My design methodology is highly research focused and areas of interest in people/place relationships; environmental psychology and mental health design inform my work. Have previously been actively engaged in the architectural community through committee work with Emergency Architects Australia and DARCH/Emagn NSW, however having a young family work/life balance takes precedence over my extracurricular activities, for now.

Interested in
Public speaking, Juries, Sessional teaching or crits