Cherish Lee

Town Planner
Niche Planning Studio

As a qualified town planner, I have an excellent understanding of planning matters, with a specific focus on the Victorian planning scheme.

This is reinforced by a strong work ethic and dedication to excellence that ensures my work is of the highest standard. My skills cover a variety of subjects including community engagement, urban design, strategic and statutory planning. My understanding of Victorian planning policy and practice is reinforced by extensive academic training at both undergraduate and post-graduate level. My commitment to the industry is evident through the diverse scope of work she has undertaken as a planner.

This experience includes providing support to various property development managers on planning matters in a previous job role, project managing small projects, planning permit applications for projects of various scales and structure planning for new communities.

I am also a sessional tutor for a strategic planning subject to 4th year undergrad students at RMIT University. For the past two years, I have assisted to run Strategic Plan Preparation to share my knowledge on structure planning in Victoria with young planners.

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