Kate Fitzgerald

Whispering Smith

I've been a Director of Whispering Smith since 2011, am the Secretary of the WA Committee of the ACA (Association of Consulting Architects) and I am a proud and passionate advocate for gender equality. As many work to change the architectural profession from individual practices right through to our professional organisations, we will be hard at work building an example of what that should look like. We are a staunchly feminist practice and are enjoying the challenge of defining what that means for both ourselves and the architectural profession. We also love advocating for better design, and were selected by the WA state government as the Architectural Consultants on the new Medium Density planning policy due in 2021. As a member of the ACA committee, I was a co-founder of the BoSP (Business of Small Practice) for the ACA, an series designed to build a community of small practices around starting, growing and developing better, more equitable and profitable businesses.

Interested in
Public speaking, Juries, Writing