Dianna Thomas

Dianna Thomas Architect

After graduating from the University of Sydney, Dianna worked in several urban practices including Hassell, Julius Bokor Architect, and in a collaborative group studio alongside James Quoyle, Weir & Phillis and Virginia Kerridge. In 2002 Dianna Thomas Architect was established and a sea-change brought Dianna and partner Paul Disspain to live and work in MacMasters Beach on the Central Coast of NSW. Mostly we work on residential projects – domestic dwellings – single houses that are contemporary and simple, stemming from the tradition of mid-twentieth century modernism, updated for an egalitarian and environmentally aware twenty-first century. Our mission is to improve the quality of the built environment in our region, through a high standard of design which stands out due to its simplicity, generosity and striking use of colour.

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