Amelia Lee

Founder | Owner | Architect
Undercover Architect

I'm an architect with over 25 years industry experience in over 250 projects, largely residential. I'm also a wife, a mum to 3 young kids, and a serial renovator. We live in the Byron Hinterland, in Northern NSW.
I started Undercover Architect in mid-2014. It's an online business that helps and teaches homeowners (especially women) how to get it right when designing, building and renovating their family homes. I do this via the podcast, blog, and online courses and programs.
I also have a second business, Live Life Build, which I co-founded with builder, Duayne Pearce. In it, we're working with builders to elevate the professionalism of the residential construction industry, and help them improve their building businesses and lives. We have a large focus on collaboration between designers and builders, and getting builders involved early, so they can work closely with the designer and client, and advise on buildability and cost during the design phase. The traditional design-bid-build model is a broken one that creates heartache and drama for a lot of homeowners as they invest months and $$$ in designs that are well over budget. Getting builders and designers working more closely together can alleviate this issue, and help protect the design, embedding value management into the process.
I'm passionate about design and the difference it makes, and about making great design accessible to all. I believe the homeowner is the key to unlocking what's possible for their home (and the lifestyle it helps them lead). When they're educated and informed, they are empowered to have a more enjoyable experience, and create a much better outcome in their new home or renovation.
Undercover Architect is their secret ally.

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