Liz Brogden

Lecturer in Design (Built Environment)
The University of Queensland

Dr Liz Brogden is a Lecturer in Design (Built Environment) in the School of Architecture at The University of Queensland. She explores transdisciplinary and future-focused approaches to built environment design through her work, focusing on complex, system-scale sustainability problems of climate change and disaster resilience. She leads a cross-institutional Climate Action and Literacy in Architecture Education project, jointly funded by the Association of Architecture Schools Australasia (AASA) and the Australian Institute of Architects. She is appointed to the national Climate Action and Sustainability Taskforce (CAST) for the Australian Institute of Architects and the QLD State Chapter Sustainability Committee, a member of the Urban Resilience Working Group for the Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council (ASBEC) and the Toowoomba CBD and Railway Parklands Expert Advisory Panel.

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