Nadine Samaha

Principal architect
level architekture>konstrukt- AIA-LEED

Nadine is a practicing architect, casual lecturer, environmental and social sustainability advocate based in Melbourne.

She leads a dynamic practice "level architeckture>Konstrukt", with her partner where design and construction intertwine. They both worked with prominent architects and engineers firms in Beirut and Melbourne before starting their practice. Level-ak fosters a close relationship and an active dialogue with all stakeholders from the onset of a project to the full completion and beyond. Their very conscious of designing spaces connected to nature that uplift their clients’ emotions, where structural boundaries are stretched and where the contractor and the craftsman point of view is respected.

Her passion for the amelioration of the urban fabric led her to take action with various involved groups in Melbourne and Beirut that includes the Melbourne Climathon, SCAN at Stonnington and SAF at the AIA where she organises with her colleagues, workshops about environmental sustainability through her affiliations with AIA, LEED and RMIT.

She published two papers: “Parallel Between City Bazaars in Lebanon and Australia”, UIA and “Planned versus Spontaneous Urban Design”, Archiport Italy.

NSW, VIC, oseas
Interested in
Public speaking, Juries, Sessional teaching or crits