Deirdre Dennys

designer architecture

Registered Architect QLD & NSW. Savvy designer. Big picture thinker.

Creativity has driven me from the beginning of time. I have always had the ability to be a big picture thinker, as well as being a people person. I wanted to be able to express this creativity in a way that shaped people's lives every day. I was only 12 years old when I first dreamt that one day I could be an architect.

The more experienced I get in life and in business, the more my passion for the art of architecture drives me. I love the design process, finding multiple ways to achieve a complex set of requirements from a client's brief. There is so much joy in creating a beautiful space made up of a textural, sensory experience in which people can inhabit and enjoy on a day to day basis. The creativity is endless on each very unique project. It keeps things fun and interesting and every day brings a new set of problems to solve!

The people that know me say I am tenacious. My whole life I have been a 'go-getter', setting myself goals and going out there and achieving them. My advice to anyone with a dream? Never ever give up on your dreams, no matter how many knocks you may get along the way!

If I were to think about the two things that drive me?
The Pursuit of Excellence. I have an insatiable appetite for the evolution of architectural ideas. Conceptually, these ideas can evolve over time.. this can be over a period of days, months, years even. This evolution is the pursuit of excellence through my work. Constantly evaluating, improving, evolving, growing.

Family. I was raised by a matriarchal family full of strong women figures with an insatiable work ethic. I was brought up to believe that women really could do absolutely anything that they wanted to, and there were no barriers. My grandmother and my mother and sister for that reason will always be role models to me. I want to make them proud.

One of the most useful things I have done for my professional growth has been to embrace the times where you've had a setback. Life is always going to be full of curve balls whether you like it or not. It's how one learns how to pick herself up again and 'put her big girl boots on' that makes you stronger and more resilient in this industry - an industry that has a lot of peaks and troughs in a cyclical way. My greatest periods of personal reflection, self analysis and critique have come about at what I would call some of the most challenging points in my life. I have no doubt I wouldn't be the strong, determined woman I am today without those periods of self reflection... (and for that, I am grateful).

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