We invite Parlour Collective practices to play an active role in our Marion’s List campaign by hosting a writing workshop in their studio(s). This is a great way to bring people together and support them to add their profiles to Marion’s List (or to make sure that their existing profile is up-to date).

Why host a workshop?

It comes down to visibility and advocacy. Practices have an important role to play in promoting and elevating women and gender-diverse professionals in the built environment. The workshop helps fulfil this role, while supporting wider efforts to increase visibility and recognition.

We ask practices to encourage their staff to join Marion’s List, and we hope practices will help spread the word widely among their networks, consultants and other professional contacts.

Workshops are also an easy opportunity to bring people together in a relaxed and informal environment, and to welcome people to your studio.

What is involved? How do we get started?

It is really easy! We have assembled a suite of support material and collateral. Click on the tabs to find out more – you can download the outline too.

Briefly ...

What & when

A one or two hour workshop in November, at a time that suits your studio – we suggest a lunchtime or evening session. (If you are keen, but too busy right now, we can run a second campaign in 2023. Let us know.)


Invite your people and your networks. The workshop can be internal or public. We encourage you to include your consultants and wider professional networks if possible.


Kick off the event with one of our video clips about Marion's List and a short presentation on how to write a good bio. The bulk of the event is a semi-structured period of writing, sharing notes and encouragement – with refreshments. After the session, share the outcomes on your social media.

What do hosts need to provide?
  • A pleasant space for people to get together and write / edit / upload their Marion’s List profile
  • Simple but delicious catering to help people feel welcome and comfortable
  • Seating / tables for people to work at, and power points / power boards for those who need to charge their devices
  • Optional screen to show short video
  • Optional photographer on hand – great support for those people who don’t have a good profile shot already
  • Optional editorial support – for those who aren’t sure how to get started. Larger practices can support this through their marketing / comms people.

Planning / running a writing workshop

Everything you need to do to be ready for the workshop, step by step. (It’s very easy.)

In advance, on the day, during the workshop and after the session.

In advance

Select a time and date that suits your studio
Nominate someone to lead / coordinate
Identify your capacity

Which space will you use as a venue? How many people can it accommodate comfortably? (The workshop can be as big or as small as you choose.)

Decide if you want to run a public event or an internal session

A public session is open to the Parlour community, an internal session is for your people and connections.

Tell us your plans!

We will set up an event notice (for public events) and send a link to download the support material.

Invite people!

Use our template as a guide. We encourage you to invite your networks and help expand our reach and the range of people and built environment professions represented on Marion’s.

  • Public event: we can help distribute the invitation to the Parlour community in your area.
  • Internal event: you are responsible for the invitations
Organise some simple refreshments

This helps people feel welcome and comfortable. It need not be fancy, just yummy!

Arrange editorial support (optional)

It it is helpful to have someone on hand who can offer writing advice. If you have marketing and communication people, they will most likely be an excellent help! If not, we have simple resources to share.

Arrange a photographer (optional)

Having a photographer on hand is great support for those people who don’t have a good profile shot already.

Send out a reminder / calendar invite to attendees

Use our template as a guide – include when, where and info about what people should bring. (We can do this for public sessions.)

On the day

Set up the venue
  • Ensure you have enough power outlets so people can charge their computers
  • Ensure you have enough seating
  • Test videos and sound (if showing these on a venue screen)
Download the simple support material

Have this ready to distribute to participants.

During the workshop

Get going!
  • Acknowledge the Country you are meeting on and welcome people to the session.
  • Kick off with the Marion’s List video clips and advice about how to write a great profile.
  • Get people writing and uploading their profiles! Suggest that they do this in pairs or groups so people can encourage each other and provide feedback.
  • Keep a running tally of profiles added and updated.
  • Celebrate a job well done!

After the session

Report back

Tell us how you went. Share pictures of the session with us and tell us how many new profiles were added.

Tell the world!

Share your results via social media. How many new profiles were added? Who is now on Marion’s List?


Coming soon!