nikita morell

Copywriter & Marketing Strategist for Architects
Nikita Morell

Nikita is a copywriter & marketing strategist for architects and founder of Architects WordShop.


I'm on a mission to help architects clearly communicate their value—so they can get a steady stream of ridiculously good projects.

I specialise in creating archi-babble free website copy and actionable marketing plans.

I've worked in architecture publishing, as a marketing & communications manager at an award-winning Australian architecture firm, and have been helping architects with their copywriting & marketing all over the world for the last 7+ years.

Services include:

» Website Copywriting — I'll help you get your website done, finally.

» Marketing Strategy — I'll help you create a marketing plan so you know exactly where to focus your energy, time, and money.

» Brand Messaging Strategy — I’ll create a brand messaging strategy so you aren’t “just another architecture practice — instead you’ll become the only practice your ideal clients want to work with.

» Website Audits — Think of a website audit like a design crit. My expert eyes will objectively analyse your website—focusing on your copy, layout, and usability.

Quite frankly, I think architects are brilliant. You create spaces that change the way people feel and think—that's powerful. If I'm honest... I don't have what it takes to be an architect. So I believe the next best thing is helping you get the recognition you deserve.

I created the Architects WordShop to help solo/small firms communicate better. The online shop is filled with step-by-step toolkits to help you write your website, project descriptions, press releases, testimonials, award submissions, and more.

I spent 14 months combing through 663 architecture websites to find the good, the bad, and the best in our industry. Flip through my top 21 examples for inspiration (and to avoid all the common mistakes) as you build yours. Download my FREE guide: "21 simple ways to immediately improve your website—so you can attract better clients." on my website.

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