Join writer and urban planner Timmah Ball for a day-long online workshop, Writing the City. Explore how to write about urban places and spaces while acknowledging Country and your own position and identities. And those who have joined the Parlour Collective have access to special pricing too!

Presented by Writers Victoria, the workshop will address multiple ways to write and think about urban space for those working across non-fiction, fiction and poetry. Moving beyond conventional western definitions, we will consider tools and strategies to write about urban places while appropriately engaging with their ongoing Indigenous heritage and culture. Highlighting multiple perspectives, history and understanding of urban space, this course will assist participants in moving beyond monocultural and clichéd conceptions of place.

It will include:

  • Counter-mapping and new ways to think about urban geography that challenge dominate world views
  • How to write about cities and suburbs to strengthen narrative and create mood
  • Approaches to acknowledging Country in contemporary writing about urban place
  • Research techniques to improve writing about urban space
  • Understanding your relationship to urban place and acknowledging your position and identities in writing about urban place

Timmah Ball is a urban planner, writer, researcher and creative practitioner of Ballardong Noongar heritage. She is the editor for First Nations writing at The Westerly Magazine and Arts House Makeshift Publics artist for 2021 where she developed the publication Do Planners Dream of Electric Sheep? In 2016, she won the Patricia Hackett Prize for her essay “In Australia” and has published in a range of literary journals and magazines such as MeanjinThe Griffith ReviewArt Link and The Sydney Review of Books.

When & where

Online, Sunday 21 August
10am-4pm AEST


$135 – concession
$155.00 – ​member (Writers Victoria & Parlour Collective)
$215.00 – general

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