Parlour is delighted to be participating in I Made the Internet Smarter Today, a full-day edit-a-thon organised by the University of Melbourne Wiki Agenda group, to support the research community to improve Wikipedia content.

Join us on Friday, 31 August to learn how to edit Wikipedia, or simply keep going with writing more women into Wikipedia. This event is aimed at encouraging academics to contribute to Wikipedia, but all in the Parlour community are welcome.


Come along for the whole day, or drop in when you can. If you are new to Wikipedia, we recommend coming to the morning sessions on how to edit Wikipedia.

10–10.15am: Welcome, housekeeping & setup

10.15–10:45 am:  “I’ve done my research, now what?” Pru Mitchell (President, Wikimedia Australia) will address questions such as, Is Research and Wikipedia a Thing?  and Can I Promote My Research through Wikipedia?

11–11.45 am Introduction to Wikipedia editing (workshop) OR independent editing

12–12:30 pm Introduction to Wikipedia editing (webinar) with Q&A
Note: link will be sent to registrants prior to the event

1–2 pm Virtual meet-up to join La Trobe University’s “Shut Up & Wiki” (webinar)

2–4 pm Independent editing and lightning talks on topics such as deletion-proofing your article, Wikidata and your own topic or question!

4–5 pm End-of-event cheese & drinks


Friday, 31 August 2018


The Digital Studio, Arts West (map)
University of Melbourne


Register online here


If you have time, please do a couple of things before coming along: