The Dangerous Women Project is calling for reflections, essays, memoir, research or thought-provoking stories for its fascinating website.

The Dangerous Women Project, an initiative of the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities (IASH) at the University of Edinburgh, aims to raise challenging questions about the nature of our societies in the past, present and future by asking the question: ‘What does it mean to be a dangerous woman?’

Why is it that bold and powerful women are still so often seen as ‘dangerous,’ when the same traits in men command our admiration? … Women have made great strides toward equality over my lifetime, with many conscious and explicit barriers to their advancement being swept away. But subconscious bias continues to shape our perceptions, a danger that the Dangerous Women Project seeks to surface. – Anne-Marie Slaughter, CEO of New America

The IASH is publishing responses to the question on a specially designed website linking International Women’s Day 2016 with International Women’s Day 2017. Each daily post explores, examines or critiques the ‘dangerous women’ theme through reflections from or about women of diverse backgrounds and identities, including poets, playwrights and other creative writers, academics, journalists, commentators, artists, performers and opinion formers, and indeed anyone with an angle on the theme. With posts attracting more than 2,000 readers per week (and growing), this is a great opportunity for public engagement.

So, is there an historical figure famous or forgotten that you’d like to bring into the spotlight? Would you like to identify a contemporary issue or event for discussion? Can you spin a fiction that is uncomfortably close to the truth, or cut to the chase with research or analysis as sharp as a scalpel?

Read the submissions page to find out how you can add your voice to the Dangerous Women Project.

If you’d like to know more about what inspired the Dangerous Women Project, you can read about its history here.