The Parlour community is invited to the fifth annual ACAHUCH Symposium, Navigating Encounters and Exchanges: Intercolonial trade, industry and labour mobility in Asia Pacific, 1800s – 1950s.

Held over three days, the online symposium will explore flows and connections of commodity, craft, labour and expertise between sites and communities across Asia Pacific from 1800s – 1950s and beyond.

Buildings for industry, agriculture and trade in Australia, the Pacific and South-East Asia share an important but forgotten history of encounter, exchange, and influence. Industrial heritage is also under-represented in World Heritage lists, with the Asia Pacific region poorly represented and global connections between industrial sites insufficiently understood (Falser & Yang, 2001).

This symposium addresses these research gaps by providing a forum for academics, archivists, and heritage practitioners to share their examinations of unprecedented buildings for trade and industrial-scale resource extraction across Asia-Pacific’s multiple colonial entities and their successor nation-states.

The symposium is convened by Amanda Achmadi (coordinator), Soon-Tzu Speechley, Hannah Lewi, Paul Walker and Theo Blankley.


24–26 November 2021

Public keynote: 6.30pm Wednesday 24 November
Adrian Vickers and Julia Martinez, “Corrugated Iron and Industry in Tropical Australian Spaces”.

Symposium keynote: 6.30pm Friday 26 November
Alex Bremner, “Seeing is Believing: Visible Infrastructure and Notions of Securitization in Colonial Trade”.

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Check out the program and further detail on the ACAHUCH website.

Book for the public keynote, “Corrugated Iron and Industry in Tropical Australian Spaces”.

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Watch symposium convenor Amanda Achmadi discuss her own research on this topic as part of Parlour Lab 11, Rethinking Heritage.

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